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How it all began

Motivated by his own childhood financial struggles and his empathy for families facing financial constraints, Steven was inspired to embark on a mission to ensure economic limitations wouldn't hinder a child's ability to pursue their passion for sports, such as hockey.

Steven heard Ty Newberry speak about his own nonprofit and ice rink in Fort Dupont (one of the worst neighborhoods in Washington DC) to help get kids off the streets and into hockey, figure skating and speed skating. Ty and Steven spoke afterwards, where Ty’s passion and great advice further inspired Steven to start a nonprofit in Colorado…where in August 2019, Hockey Unlimited was established.

Along with USA Hockey’s mantra of “Growing The Sport Of Hockey” and the NHL’s motto of “Hockey Is For Everyone” - Hockey Unlimited has a deep-seated belief in the power of sports to instill hard work, dedication and perseverance…qualities that extend far beyond the rink and provide valuable life lessons. Through partnerships with local businesses, fundraising efforts, generous donations and many volunteers, Hockey Unlimited has gone from a dream to a heartwarming reality.
Hockey Unlimited Logo

Steven Barnes

I grew up in California and didn’t know what Hockey was until my best friend (Rembrandt Sabelis), who was Canadian introduced me to the sport. We went to Toronto for Christmas that year. The first time I played hockey was on a pond in Canada, my face froze in a smile, I fell in love with the sport. We got back from Canada and he said that I had to pick a team. So I did my research and I picked the Boston Bruins, because the first Black Hockey Player played for the Boston Bruins. Willie O’Ree, number 22.
I love the game of hockey and love the hockey community, how they support each other like one big family. It is this love and support that I want to grow with our youth. I want to build a strong foundation of positivity and building self-confidence as a life skill.

Steven Barnes

Steven grew up in California and didn’t know what hockey was until his best friend, Rembrandt Sabelis (who was Canadian) took him to Mississauga, Ontario for Christmas where - Steven played hockey for the first time...on a pond in Canada where his face froze in a smile and he fell in love with the sport. When it came time to pick a favorite hockey team, Steven was inspired by the Boston Bruins, who signed Willie O'Ree, the first black hockey player in the NHL and in honor of Mr. O’Ree, Steven has always worn jersey #22.

Steven loves the game of hockey and how the hockey community supports each other like family. He wants to instill that love and support in our youth, while building a strong foundation of positivity and self-confidence, as valuable life skills.

Shelley Andrade

Shelley's journey from Hawaii to Colorado was more than just a change of scenery, it was embarking on a new chapter in life. Shortly after arriving in Colorado, her two children discovered hockey which quickly captured their hearts and ignited a fire within them…that spread to their mom.

As hockey moms often do, Shelley immersed herself in the hockey community, where she met Steven. Learning about Hockey Unlimited's mission and vision inspired her to use her finance skills, creativity and and community-minded spirit to help Hockey Unlimited grow...along the way gaining a sense of purpose in making a positive impact in the lives of the HU families.

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