Our Mission

Creating Opportunities for underprivileged and low income youth to learn valuable life lessons through Hockey.

The Program

Coaching the kids through a 4 level program to get them the skills they need to be competitive and allow them to step onto a Rec Hockey Team, where we continue to sponsor them by paying for their league fees and hockey equipment.  These kids get to give back to the program by participating at practices as a junior coach, helping the next wave of kids through the program, attending events as a Hockey Unlimited Ambassador to further the cause with fundraisers and social events.  Hockey Unlimited’s goals are to instill good values in our youth. Leading by example, Building Self-Confidence as a life skill, Positive Reinforcement through self-talk, to name a few.


Learn to Skate

Skating is one of the most important aspects in hockey. Ice time is limited and precious. Edge work, Stops and starts, Tight turns, Backwards skating. Focus on Skating.


Hockey Fundamentals

Providing a firm foundation of how the game is played. Basic strategies, positioning and hockey terminologies. Focus on Fundamentals and Skating.


Improving Hockey IQ

Hockey is one of the most complex sports in the world. It takes time to learn the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of ice hockey. Focus on Hockey IQ and Skating.


Giving Back

Giving Back to the program, their community, through fundraisers, social events and becoming a jr. coach to other kids coming up through the program and an Ambassador of Hockey Unlimited. Focus on Life Skills and Skating.

Hard Work



Self-Confidence as a Life Skill

The definition of self confidence

The ability or the belief to believe in yourself, to accomplish any task, no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity. The belief that you can accomplish it. Self Confidence.

– Dr. Ivan Joseph

Have a passion for hockey? So do we!

Our Focus

Skating. Skating. Skating.


Hockey Fundamentals

Team Building

Hockey IQ

Positive Reinforcement

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